Bob Coe awaiting test results
Family of Philip Goins (request from Bob Coe)
Tonya Miller (Reba Wilson’s sister)
Family of Nancy Clark (Linda Beeson’s sister-in-law)
Ruby Simmons in hospital
Kathy Beeson’s mother
Peggy Peele (Louise Rippey’s neighbor)
Alene Joyce as she cares for Sonny
Family of James Stoneman (request from Traci Whitaker)
Teresa Horton with death in her family
Family of Allen Evans (Shelby Lawson’s brother)
John & Marie Sirohman & their lost loved ones
James Templeton
Angie Alvear (Thelma’s daughter) taking chemo
Glenn Settle with broken leg
Mark Hooker

Requests from prior weeks
Frances Bean in the loss of her sister
Alan Barker broke his back in fall
Eva Creasman facing hip replacement
Baby Silas Parsons (James Anderson’s great nephew)
Brenda Templeton’s lost loved ones
Family of Roger Coe (Bob Coe’s brother)
Family of Greg Hamilton (Harold & Betty’s son)
Family of Mamie Ritchie
Family of Deborah Barker (Jerry’s sister)
Nancy Sherbino’s two sons & Jim & Mary Jo Dickenson & her neighbor
Sandy Amos with colon & liver cancer (Kevin Carter’s cousin)
Josh Todd in hospital with kidney issues (James Moser’s nephew)
Mildred Nunn with Macular Degeneration in her eyes
Carol Boling in a lot of pain with broken knee cap
Jarrett Kiser with Crohn’s disease
Clifford Brooks (Nancy Walker’s father)
Helen Hall (Kay Kiser’s mother) with lung problems
Courtney (Wade & Ruby’s granddaughter) travel mercy for college
Roger Horton taking chemo
Alanna Hedrick with ALS (Wade & Ruby’s niece)
Terry Brendle for traveling safety
Brian Peters’ brother (Todd) with cancer
Dalton Wilson (Jim & Reba’s grandson)
Debbie Mabe’s cousin deployed to Iraq
Aisha Mena (2 year old with leukemia) request from Sharon Snider)
Betty Wall with cancer (Randy Wall’s mother)
Joey Pegram’s Son (Chris) & his cousin (Karen) with lung cancer
Karen Smith’s father for salvation & other lost loved ones
Bonnie Ellis’ loved ones
Our Pastor
Brother Clint
Olen King
Vivian Carter
Perry Easter
Sonny Joyce
Tammy Cooke
Frankie Bryan
Ford Yarbrough
Dorothy Booth
Betty Mosley
Allyson Casstevens
Mary Heath
Mamie Ritchie
Perry Easter
Bob Durham
Fred Brendle
Mildred Nunn
John & Sandy Miller
Arnie & Barbara Sherman
Randy & Teresa Horton
James & Annie Anderson
Tony & Diane Holt
Harold & Betty Priddy
Russell & Rita Deavers
Odell Myers
John & Marie Sirohman
Carl Blackmon