Barry Cooke with broken leg
Linda Morris’ niece (Tara) traveling from Israel
Frances Bean’s sister in Galax, not doing well
Marie Sirohman, Frank & Dorothy Calloway
Pat Collins – lost loved ones
Eric Pfunt’s friend (Christy) at Hospice Home
Kaye Coe, Randy & Cindy
Peggy Brendle recovering from hip replacement
Bill Cook with cancer (request from Carol Boling)
Gilbert Poplin – special request
Steve Willard in Kernersville Hospital with pneumonia
Don Holland & Jack Reid
Sharon Snider’s father (Russell Deavers) under Hospice Care
Lisa Bailey with Multiple Myeloma cancer (request from Nancy Sherbino)
Austin & Samantha (request from Brenda Templeton)

Requests from prior weeks
Family of Bill Edmondson (request from Sylvia Moore)
Julie Serber’s lost loved ones
Milton Wright’s sister (Teresa) and Bobbi
Family of Sara Weaver (request from Brenda Templeton)
Debbie Haley with health issues (request from Marilyn Venable)
David Collins for salvation & Monty Collins (request from Jerry Collins)
Roy Allen’s sister with dementia
Kevin Fredericks (Clint’s brother) and Clint’s father
Jerry Hastain taking chemo (Nancy Sherbino’s brother)
Nancy Sherbino’s two sons, Mary Jo Dickenson & Nancy’s neighbor
Carol Boling’s unspoken request and Irene Thomas’s daughter
Tim Deavers (Sharon Snider’s brother)
Tammy Asbury with hernia & Brenda Templeton’s special request
Johnny Sturgill with cancer (Ruby Simmons’ son)
Sandeep Virwaney – special request
Trena Marion upcoming medical tests (Thelma Tuttle’s daughter)
Grace Shunalt recovering from cancer surgery (Thelma Tuttle’s neighbor)
Chase Cochran had heart attack (21 year old) (request from Peggy)
Stokes County Deputy (William) had heart attack (request from Kevin Carter)
Wayne Venable with brain tumor (request from Ronnie Venable)
Joey Pegram – spiritual needs in his family
Trena Marion & Angie Alvear (Thelma’s daughters)
Willow Haskell – 2 year old (request from Kathy Beeson)
Pat Bullins – lost family members
Kathy McKinney’s special request and lost loved ones
Steve Hundley with brain cancer (request from Kathy Beeson)
Joie Pegram’s mother with health issues
Sam Hopkins – lost family members
Kathy Beeson’s mother
Karen Wilson with lung cancer (Joey Pegram’s cousin)
Betty Wall with cancer (Randy Wall’s mother)

Our Pastor
Brother Clint
Olen King
Allen Bowers
Sarah Herbert
Ronnie Venable
Ford Yarbrough
Frankie Bryan
Frances Bean
Roy Anders
Steve Willard
Bob Durham
Perry Easter
Vivian Carter (Priddy Manor)
Sonny Joyce (Village Care)
Margie Miller (Village Care)
Betty Mosley
Mary Heath
Fred Brendle
Mildred Nunn
Ann Boles
Allyson Casstevens
Marie Sirohman
Danny & Frances Watson
Arnie & Barbara Sherman
Randy & Teresa Horton
James & Annie Anderson
Tony & Diane Holt
Harold & Betty Priddy
Russell & Rita Deavers
Odell Myers
Carl Blackmon
Lawrence Shaw

Faye Martin 4/17 hiatal hernia
(request from Alene Joyce)